When the east is in the house... October 22 2012

#TEAMGETFRESH has been away left coastin' it recently.  We are now back and ready to get you fresh for the holiday season.  But, before that...

I was thinking about what comes to mind when I think of California.  Me being a super duper, born and raised east coast kid.  Then I thought, "What comes to mind when I think of the right coast?"  I could go on all day and I may turn this into an ongoing theme but let's say this is part one of my east coast tribute/montage.  Some of these may need some explanation so I will do my best.  Let's go...

Scot Schmidt.  My Lo and Face cats already know.

Jack "King" Kirby.

He's a Chicago dude but the Bill Murray Union Square stories are priceless.



By hiimjoel.