FIXED GEAR GIRL TAIWAN pt. 2! July 08 2012

Some flicks from their site and some facts about our friends.

"FGGT was founded in 2007 and is Taiwan’s first fixed gear crew only for girls. The crew was founded by a group of girls who are passionate about bettering themselves and enjoying life."

"Fixed gear cycling is no longer a men-only sport, girls can enjoy the exertion and passion of cycling as well. To us, bicycles are more than a tool for commuting, they are a healthy way to endorse a different lifestyle."

"FGGT is more like a family than a crew. We think that all girls who love fixed gear can bond like sisters, uphold the sacred tradition of girl talk and, most importantly, be happy riding bicycles."
"We love fixed gear for the simplicity of design involved - minimalism, light weight, easy maintenance, and easy to upgrade. It's a more holistic, more personal riding experience and each bike can be designed to reflect the rider’s personality."
"That's why FGGT collects diverse information about fixed gear culture. We update the FGGT blog with the latest information for people who share the same interests and want to understand the products, culture and events all over the world by interacting with each other."
See more on their blog, FIXED GEAR GIRL TAIWAN.



By hiimjoel.