Joe Ruff. April 19 2012

Some talent that should be recognized.


"There's something very funny about other people's sadness. At least in the stories I write. My name is Joe Ruff, I'm 22 years old and I've been drawing comics for about half my life.

After high school, I went to the Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and once I graduated I started my webcomic,"No More Rain." It started as a collection of unrelated short stories, but the more I wrote, the more similar they became in theme. The unspoken tagline I've always had in my head is, "Funny Stories about Sad People." Sad and usually delusional.

I've also started working on a short Graphic Novel, called "Inner-Views." The book shows a random, five characters being asked 13 questions about life, love, death and regret, and as the questions progress, you learn more and more about the people being interviewed. What isn't clear until the end though, is why these people were selected and what one of them will be chosen for.

Anyway, I've got plenty more ideas for comics and I hope to be making them for a long while. All the stories I do are really about me one way or another, so I figure as long as I'm alive, I'll have something to write about. So please check out the webcomic and tell your friends. And even though the stories are usually about me, don't worry…it's okay to laugh at my sadness."


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By hiimjoel.