Gearing up for summer... April 14 2012

New photos, new tees, new interviews, new events...  It's going to be wild this summer for Get Fresh.  But, this isn't all about us.  Let's see what else is shaking...

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx.

I get it.  Rihanna and Drake are more prone to get airplay.  But, peep what you're missing if all you listen to is the mainstream...

Yankees Opening Day.


The Prado Mona Lisa.

She's telling us something.

Caine's Arcade.

This kid rocks.

Corey Booker.

A political figure being positively referenced in the mainstream.  Go figure.

"Strawberry" leopard.

The world is changing us.

Honda Day Atco 2012.

Come play!  And don't forgot to support the homies of EATSLEEPRACE!

2012 Honda Day Mix.

From (d)jayjung hosted by MC Slick.  Rock on.

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By hiimjoel.