You miss us. March 21 2012

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Tim Tebow a Jet?

Not just yet evidently.

"Million Hoodie March."

For Trayvon Martin.

Porn stars are precious.

Helping out those in need of a prom date.  Rad.


Watch "Trailer 2."  No, really.  Watch it.

Titanic: 100 years later.


(Even) Great(er) Wall of China.

The darnedest thing happened: They found more of it.

Zynga purchases OMGPOP.

The company that brought you "Draw Something" has just been acquired.


They're developing a Wu-Tang Clan version of Farmville.  Yup.


I am late to the party but this track is infectious.

Get Fresh tees!

I hope you didn't miss out on these.



By hiimjoel.