Starting off strong. December 05 2011

First full week of December.  Sooouped!

From Handsome Boy Modeling School.

This rocks.

From Red Bull.

For those of you around the Richmond, VA area this Wednesday.  Thank you to Jaci (you're hot!) from Red Bull for keeping you and me in the know.

From DJ Neil Armstrong.

Founding father of Fifth Platoon.  Legendary mixtape DJ.  Has performed for De La Soul, Company Flow, Biz Markie, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Adidas, President Obama, etc.  And he's our homies' homie so we always show him love.

From Radio City.

New York City.  Christmas.  Rockettes.  Now, this is a present.

From Dee & Ricky.

The collabo with Pony is now on pre-order!

From NASA.

Something to look forward to?

From Walt Disney.

Happy birthday to the man himself!


By hiimjoel.