Day in, day out. August 26 2011

This is more a lifestyle weblog than anything else.  Most identifiable for people with similar tastes and backgrounds.  But, available for those who just want to take a peek.  Fridays are for the team here at Get Fresh.  That doesn't mean all work.  It's just our time to show you how we kick it.


Last night I had a great time with friends in the city.  Familiar spots for those of us around here.  This is for those of you unfamiliar who come for a glimpse.

Beauty & Essex.

Special thank you to Luck and Jihan for another amazing evening.

Max Fish.

The Meatball Shop.



I recently received my Spotify invite.  It's been out for a little while now.  And for the tech followers, it has been a long while.  It's my day off so I will finally have some time to test it out.  Just in time to get some playlists for you fiends out there.



By hiimjoel.