Whew, what a week. August 20 2011

Keeping up with current events is difficult.  Here are a few significant bits of information from the past week.


Google buys Motorola.

Not everyone is a tech geek.  Then again, not everyone "needed" a smart phone before the iPhone.  Here is some news that, for better or worse, will make more headlines in the future.

Go green for the school year!

Some helpful hints to keep in mind.  Especially for those parents out there.

13-year-old genius!

There is hope for the future.  Here is the full report by boy genius, Aidan Dwyer.


If you have not seen "The Big Lebowski," catch it now on Blu-ray and see why, to this day, we seek to commemorate its impact on our society...nihilist.

PETA goes Porn?

Yes, the team behind the "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign is venturing into porn to get their message to audiences it typically would not reach.  Here is a past image from a campaign that just seems to complement this article.

Beats by Dre.

Yes, he just made $300 million off of his headphones.  And no, we do not have any type of new album from him to listen to with said headphones.

Food Truck madness!

I hope you are catching this article on your mobile devices.  Because today at the South Street Seaport there are over 30 food trucks catering to all you potential foodies out there!

Zombies invade Dorney Park!

This is actually an update on an event we mentioned earlier this week.  The goal was to break a record and they did it.  This one literally goes down in the Guinness Book of World Records!



By hiimjoel.