"I do get paid tomorrow..." August 18 2011

We do work.  And, when it adds up and you stack you don't want to drop it on the frivolous.  But, it doesn't hurt to look...much.


Bellator Columbidae.

From those kooky kids at Staple Design and Adfunture Workshop comes this "big bird."



Not Dora's backpack.

So, I have been looking heavily into finding something which isn't too crazy but isn't too stuffy.  Functional but keeps the "fun" in it.  Incase may end up being the winner for me.



New York Comic Con 2011.

With next year premiering movies like "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man," this may be a good bang for your buck.  To whet the appetite.



"Wallabees be the apparel."

Ask any 90s hip hop kid and you'll hear they've been on Clarks for more than a little bit.  This is a twist on a classic to most of us.  I will admit it is looking mighty fresh.



Apple OS X Lion

Brand new operating system.  Apple is the popular kid in school that makes you think, "Well, if he's doing it maybe we all should."  Peer pressure may never have felt so good.



The Trilogy.

Coming out on Blu-ray and we can pre-order now.  Nowadays, the geeks are in the limelight so now we can just enjoy the show!




By hiimjoel.