Hump day with friends. August 17 2011

What better way to get past the hump than with friends.



Started by some fashionable friends of ours.  The aim is to build a community based on inspiration and not trends.  This article in particular happens to be a favorite of mine.





The crowd goes wild.  If you want to see someone who loves what they do and does it well, watch this man do work.  As a treat, here is his dancehall mixtape which has been burning up libidos everywhere.




I have known this kid for more than a little bit now.  He gets wild.  Belee dat.  Enjoy his site which is receiving critical acclaim.



Paulo "Blue" Castro

This is a special birthday big up to one of our homies.  He has had a tough year but he's been with friends.  Here's to many more!



By hiimjoel.