Back at it again! August 10 2011

by hiimjoel.


Yes, it has been a while but let us move past that. We from Team Get Fresh are beginning a new format this very Monday. We will have a specific theme for you each day of the week. I am going to show you how this will work. Let us begin...

Monday will bring you some music to kick start your week.

Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Watch The Throne." This seems to be a pretty big deal. In no small way due to the fact that they have allowed the full album to stream for our approval and criticism.


Tuesday we will let you know of events happening for the week.




Dr. Sketchy is something I have heard about but have not yet taken part in.  The gist is that there are live models for you to sketch but the setting is not your typical art studio but a bar.  Sounds kind of cool.


Wednesday we will introduce you to some friends of ours.





This is our friend Yoshi.  Among other adventures, she is currently in the Uniqlo spotlight.  Definitely worth a peek.


Thursday we will show you some things to spend money on.




Pillows from "Vanilla Medallions."  Interesting and familiarly inspired products available from our friends at Reed Space NYC.


Friday is for us here at "Get Fresh" to show you what we have going on.



From our very own "Mister Mikey."  Something for the seasons.


Saturday we will do a recap on some news from the week.




Some sour news lately from "across the pond."  Hopefully, the worst has subsided but it has been a visibly dreary couple days for such a proud country.


Sunday is to show you what inspires us.  Albeit in the form of a picture, or a column, or otherwise.




The rare, pink hippopotamus.  An interesting find as well as a visual one.


And that is how it should go.  Stay fresh.